Milli Piyango

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Milli Piyango

- Pemikir Cerdas Friends of intelligent thinkers this time we will discuss a game of tukish.Penasaran what ya playing? nah the name of this game turkish lottery or commonly known as Milli Piyango friend. What a smart thinker friend had never heard of this game? yes if you have not here are a few reviews about this game piyango Milli friend.

Loteria del nino 
If you are familiar with the Turkish Lottery games that come from Turkey’s National Lottery Administration – Milli Piyango – you will know that there are various different Turkey Lottery games available.

buy lottery tickets online for these games.
The Sayisal Loto - Sayisal Loto 6 / 49 has been around since 1996 and is a Lottery Turkey's most frequently played of all.

The Super Loto - or Super Loto 6 / 54 - is the very latest game to have Entered the Turkey Lottery market.

What is Milli Piyango?

Milli Piyango is the Turkish National Lottery
. What does Milli Piyango Module do?

Milli Piyango module provides four blocks for each sub-lottery. Head to admin / settings / milli_piyango, set the which information you want to show on each block. Then head to
admin / build / block and move the Milli Piyango four blocks to your Desired region (s).

- D7 -
Extract milli_piyango.module under your site's modules directory (usually sites / all / modules) and enable it at admin / modules.

Milli Piyango

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