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adesagi Kierana

Adesagi Kierana

- Sahabat pemikir cerdas Adesagi Kierana adalah seorang fashion stylist untuk sejumlah proyek di Eropa, Afrika Selatan, serta negara lain di Asia. Tetapi Desainer Kondang Ade Chandra Tewas ,ada beberapamedia menyebutkan bahwa tewasnya Karena Gas Beracun di Kamar Mandi dan ada juga menyebutkan Tewas Bersama Seorang Pria Tanpa Busana di Kamar Mandi.

Profiles and Bios Adesagi Kierana - In 1995-2000, Adesagi Kierana appointed as creative designer who collaborated with a number of top-class designers in Indonesia. He became a fashion stylist for a number of projects in Europe, South Africa, as well as other countries in Asia.

"In 2002, AdesagiKierana began his career as an independent designer. It uses the label Adesagi Kierana. Adesagi Kierana never received an award as the youngest designer in the fashion world: the Best Mentro Fashion Consultant for TV Programme".
Both celebrities were suspected carbon monoxide or CO poisoning.

What is carbon monoxide and how exactly it's deadly poison gas Adesagi? (Read: Randi Allegedly Killed Adesagi and Poisoning). This toxic gas comes from incomplete combustion, such as coal, wood, charcoal, oil, kerosene, propane, and natural gas.

When the process of combustion, LPG gas will produce carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and water (H2O). Combustion also need oxygen. (Read: Victim Adesagi, Alert Carbon Monoxide Poisons).

The problem is, if the combustion process of LPG is not perfect, it will generate carbon monoxide gas (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). 

Police found several items of evidence at the site designers mortality Ade Chandra Kirana aka Adesagi Kierana Sagi, 34, and Randi Yana, 31 years. A spokesman for Police Commissioner Bandung Endang Sri Wahyuni ​​said police were checking the location of death and menyeliki cause. (see: Adesagi and Randi Yana Found in Bathroom)

"The house was occupied at Jalan Cimandiri their friend's house," said Chief of Police Criminal Investigation Unit Adjunct Commissioner Chusnul Waton Bandung. Adesagi Kierana is one talented young designers. 

Adesagi Kierana

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