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Nikon D4 - Pemikir cerdas Okay smart thinkers friend we now turn to the camera Nikon D4 sahabat. Possible friend again in search for a good camera, well here it is Nikon D4 camera quality is very good friends. Results from images taken very satisfying friend . Hopefully following excerpts could help ya friend.
 D4 Nikon digital SLR camera: For over half a year rumors are circulating about the successor to the Nikon D3, SLOWLY but surely the launch date of the Nikon D4 is getting Closer.
"The next-generation flagship Nikon digital-SLR camera with the ultimate in versatility and functionality
TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Nikon D4, a Nikon FX-format camera That serves as the new flagship model in Nikon's lineup of digital-SLR cameras. It has an effective pixel count of 16.2-million pixels, and offers superior image quality under a broad range of lighting conditions with its image sensor supporting an incredible range of sensitivities from ISO 50 to ISO 204 800.
The Multi-area Mode movie Full HD D-movie recording function is capable of recording full-HD movies at 30 fps, and offers three formats for movie recording selection According to recording conditions or creative intent".

Development background

In 2007, Nikon released the D3 digital-SLR camera as its flagship model equipped with the new FX-format CMOS image sensor developed by Nikon. The superior performance of the Nikon D3 was Recognized with three of the most prestigious domestic and international awards-Japan's Camera Grand Prix Camera of the Year and Europe's Technical Image Press Association's (TIPA) Best D-SLR Professional and the European Imaging and Sound Association's ( EISA) Professional Camera of the Year.

D4 primary features

    New Nikon FX-format CMOS image sensor
    Support for an incredibly wide range of sensitivities, from ISO 50 to ISO 204 800

    The D4 is equipped with a new Nikon FX-format CMOS image sensor (imaging size of 36.0 x 23.9 mm) developed by Nikon. The superior performance of the FX-format CMOS image sensor with its effective pixel count of 16.2-million pixels offers excellent resolution and image quality under an incredible variety of lighting conditions. 3 New EXPEED image-processing engine with superior, high-speed processing capabilities

    3 The new EXPEED image-processing engine built into the D4 offers even better image quality and faster processing speeds for vivid yet Faithful color reproduction, a broader dynamic range, and rich expression of tones. Noise-reduction processing designed ESPECIALLY for movies maintains crisp, clear Outlines in movies recorded in low-light Situations. 91K-pixel RGB sensor for the more accurate the Advanced Scene Recognition System

    The D4 is equipped with the Advanced Scene Recognition System, the which supports face recognition * Pls images are framed using the optical viewfinder. The new high-speed AF system also supports high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 10 fps in FX format with AF and AE tracking.
        Multi-area Mode Full HD D-movie image area with three options

    A dedicated movie-record button has been positioned near the shutter-release button for smooth starting and stopping of movie recording with a feel similar to That of still-image shooting. Image sensor sensitivity begins at ISO 200 and can be expanded to the same ISO equivalent 204 800 possible with still-image shooting.
    Full-HD movies can be recorded with the D4 image using one of three areas: FX-based movie format * 2, the DX-based movie format, or 1920 x 1080: 30 fps fps/25 fps/24 crop. FX-based movie format makes full use of the large image sensor, enabling movies with an emphasis on pleasing blur characteristics. By choosing the movie format Appropriate for the particular scene, the three options available image area with a single camera imaging enable more flexible expression through collaboration with the entire lineup of NIKKOR lenses, including DX lenses.
    * 120 min. Depending on frame size / rate and movie quality settings.
        The camera is also equipped with dual memory card slots, one for XQD memory cards and one for CompactFlash memory cards, for smooth handling of images. What's more, professional photographers can work much faster with high-speed transfer of images to a computer's XQD Pls memory card reader supporting SuperSpeed ​​USB (USB 3.0) * 3 is used.
        Synchronized release (WT-5 only) mode enables synchronized shutter release of up to 10 cameras D4 cameras, each with its own WT-5) with the D4 used as the controlling "master".
      Nikon D4 

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