Words of Wisdom Love

Words of Wisdom Love

- Friends of intelligent thinkers do not post all've long love quotes. words that are very sought after lot of people where this word represents the mood of those who are falling in love with his girlfriend. These quotes make one's heart will melt the power of love. Well said friend following a friend looking for love quotes.

When disisimu I feel alive. When you're gone I feel lonely. I want you forever my side ... affection.

If I must choose to breathe or love, then I'll use my last breath to say "I love you"Friends can make you laugh, a friend can make you happy, but a genuine love that can make you live.

Two souls, two hearts blended together, in a boat named the most beautiful love.My love for you is water, which is always flowing, and not turn away, which is always flowing, and not changing, always flowing, and does not end ...

Love is the longing to be understood by someone who is really sincere to care. When a person is understood, he will be able to stand up to anything in this world".Love is the most sought after suffering the most beautiful human being.

My night into dawn is beautiful because of you ...Love is the best and most beautiful thing in the world, can not be seen or even touched. Love must be felt with the heart ..

Sometimes, when you're near, I lost all my words. And that's when I hope, my talking about my feelings for you.Love can warm the cold heart, like the sun melt the mountain snow.

If love is just a dream for me, then let me sleep forever.Love is a beam of bright light in the darkness of night.

My love for you like a beautiful symphonyWhen I was in the desert of life, I hope cintamulah that will cool off my soul.

If a hug represented how much I love you, then I'll hold you close forever.Love is a mystery that is hard to understand. Love is happiness that glows in the self, although sometimes it also brings pain.

I hope tonight that only about you. All I wanted now only peace mu.
Which is only bahagiamu beg seconds. Met sleep, dear ....Morning is when with the sunniest, most beautiful night is when listening to your voice, the heart of the most happy is when have you ever

Never assume a normal thing who gives a genuine concern to you, because it would be very unusual when you're fragile and fell.let the love flow as it is, sounds like a beautiful tone, a medicine for the wounded, became desperate amplifier, a pitch-torch moment, present laughter amid the grief.

Love is like holding a rose, the harder you menggegam, the sharp piercing thorns, but the more gentle you are holding, then the easier the roses flying in the wind.Love is like fire, if you watch the beautiful, then love will keep you warm, but if you're flush with envy, then love will burn you.

Love only grows in the garden of the heart. Only a pure heart that is able to foster a true love, as love my heart ... you.It is only the knights who are able to love. Because love is to protect, shelter, respect and, loyalty and sacrifice, and all it's all just able to be presented by the knights.

The sacrifice of love like a beautiful rainbow in the sky of life.

Words of Wisdom Love

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