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-Friends of intelligent thinkers today we will discuss about AKB48 friend. Friends of the familiar with AKB48? if friends do not know it at this review will mungkinsahabat mengenak AKB48. Okay just direct us towards a friend familiarity
AKB48 is one of the most popular Japanese pop group. AKB48 listed 18 other girls on the team in April as K. AKB48 formation was completed in December with 13 new members joined as team B. The girls released their second compilation album, Kamikyoku Tachi, in April that do well with more than 410,000 copies sold.
AKB48 singles record sales of May with their own horses to Shushu which sold more than 650,000 copies. AKB48 released their 20th single, Sakura no Ki ni Narou, in February 2011 - another record breaker with more than one million copies sold in just two weeks. View profile AKB48 member for more personal details of each member. 

Profile Nam Gyu ri

At the time the group released their fourth single Bingo!, I have been truly converted. AKB48 name is a combination of birthplace groups, Akihabara and the fact that they have exactly 48 members. AKB48 Yasushi Akimoto envisioned by the founders in 2005. In the 1980s, Akimoto is the creator of (what would become the inspiration for Morning Musume) all the group's first female Japanese pop idol, Onyanko Club.

"A unique formula was taken Pls choosing it's many group members. Vocally strong members lead the group in Their musical performances, coordinated members Provide the dancing, the comedic entertainment wittier Provide Girls During breaks, some members Appear in popular television programs and other members gravure or double as fashion models. This strategy works well for Both members and business. The group then nurture members to enter into different roles based on their inherant talent. Members of the powerful vocals led the group in their musical performances, members providing coordinated dancing, the girls wittier comedies provide entertainment during the break, some members appeared in popular TV programs and other members double as gravure or fashions. AKB48 has previously held events such as: having a field trip with AKB48, go to the swimming pool with AKB48, AKB48 visited the school festival and even outrageous personal holiday with AKB48. Each month, the magazine holds an exclusive photo shoot of all members of AKB48's. Purchase a copy of the BLT AKB48, reward fans with a random photo of a group or one of its members. Each month, the magazine holds an exclusive photoshoot of all of AKB48's members. Purchasing a copy of the AKB48 BLT, rewards fans with a random photo of the group or one of its members."

The formula chosen for the group has been successful so far. And AKB48 has evolved from an indie pop group, a bunch of sweet sweet bow took over the Japanese media. AKB48 even appeared during 2007 in the annual Kouhaku Uta Gassen (Kouhaku the most watched events Japanese music, synonymous with New Year celebrations). AKB48 achieved the unimaginable feat by appearing again during 2009 Kouhaku.

I love AKB48. My goal is to spread love for AKB48 songs, including songs that are less popular but very interesting.

In short, geek Japanese lyrics.
I have graduated from the University in 2006, majoring in Japanese, with a thesis in the lyrics of Japanese music. Lyrics kanji, check the license JASRAC-uta-net (singles and albums) or AKB48.co.jp to track the stage.


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